African Bonsai Convention 4

Exhibition, workshops and demonstrations

Winter Prep

Nothing much happening in winter in the -En. Just checked for aphids and removed very large leaves. Come on Summer!

Life and Bonsai

The most memorable times of my life, include the days my three sons were born. Nothing will ever again make me feel how I felt when they put those screaming, red-faced, wrinkled human puppies in my arms. Well, every time a yamadori shows signs of life or a new seed pops its head out the soil, I (almost, almost) get the same feeling.

Joy, elation, incredulity …awe. A flashbulb of emotions soar through my body and it will never cease to amaze me that this seed or plant has chosen me to grace its presence with.

But this can also end in disaster. Now matter how carefully tended, regularly watered and lovingly placed in the nursery, sometimes, in spite of my best efforts, NOTHING happens!

Don’t you feel the same? Sometimes you work so hard at exams or your job or your relationship, just for nothing to change or happen. And then sometimes, you don’t do anything at all – and it ALL changes for the better. Life is like that. And I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Cape Bonsai Kai

Cape Bonsai Kai Show

Border Bonsai Show

Bishopsford Bonsai Nursery

Raft/Clump Style/Workshop

Eastern Province Bonsai Society

Open Day

Pretoria Bonsai Kai

Bonsai Show

Bishopsford Bonsai Nursery

Create Your Own Bonsai (CYOB)

Kat River Kai

SABA Mini-Convention